Melody Makers...
Melody Makers

Ondrej Havelka & His Melody Makers

is a synonym for authentic interpretation of popular music of the swing era, i.e. music dating back to the beginning of the 1930s to swing’s heights in early 1940s.

Their variegated repertory includes a broad spectrum of attractive tunes, sweet and hot, ranging from Hollywood musicals to big bands’ top swing numbers.
A concert is more than that; it is a show designed in the minutest detail to emulate the typical manners of those times, complete with the costumes and hairdos, and rounded off by overall direction of the performance.

The musicians’ thoroughly jazzy style is compounded by their sense of humour, show, and understanding. The band's enthrallings sound and tempo support the soloist: Ondrej Havelka, a singer, speaker and dancer.


Melody Makers Orchestra consists of 15 musicians
14 instrumentalists and 1 soloist:

Juraj Bartoš - trumpet & band-leader
Michal Krása - trumpet
Jiří Patócs - trumpet
Michal Plecitý - trombon

Petr Tichý - guitar
Jiří Pípa Novák - jazz-band
Miroslav Lacko - piano
Petr Vlášek - double bass

Pavel Jordánek - altsaxophon, clarinet
Martin Tříska - altsaxophon, clarinet
Jan Tříska - tenorsaxophon, clarinet
Bedřich Šmarda - tenorsaxophon, barytonsaxophon, bassaxophon, clarinet

Martin Zbrožek - violin
Jiří Sládek - violin

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